Protecting the Immigration Attorney’s Files

Attorney Ned Ogueri: Immigration attorneys, and all other attorneys for that matter, are expected to safeguard and protect the valuable private information that is entrusted to them by their clients. Attorney Ned Ogueri. Attorney Ned Ogueri,  Zeribe Law Offices complaint review. The law makes it crystal clear that if an immigration attorney is as careless as to lose or to divulge this private information, then they should be tried and prosecuted. In order to protect themselves, the immigration attorneys are going through extreme lengths to make sure that their clients’ information stays safe and secure. read more

Internet Security: Is It Really That Important?

Internet Security Review – Attorney Zeb Ogueri – Zeribe Law Offices:  The internet is a big venue for various activities. You can make a living online, build a business, socialize with people around the world, and do many other activities. In this large venue where many people all meet, it would be very important to use good internet security to avoid complaints. Internet security helps protect not only the computer and the files that we have on it, but also the information that we send and receive online. Not known to many people, internet security can also help in protecting our identity from being stolen by others along with other sensitive information. Here are the other important reasons why using internet security is a must . read more

Personal Injury Lawyers – Protecting Your Client’s Data

No one needs any reminding about the constant risks and dangers people are always exposed to as they go about their daily lives. They are many and they are always lurking around waiting for an opportune moment to strike us dead. That is, perhaps why personal injury lawyers have continued to amass vast amounts of fortunes in recent years.

People everywhere realize the need and importance of having the services of qualified accident attorneys in case they ran into an accident or a mishap. personal injury lawyers advise them on their rights, their options when they end up at the hospital with a broken leg or worse, when they lose a loved one as they work. read more

Reasons Why Bankruptcy Lawyers Ought To Protect Their Client’s Data, Always!

Financial experts are warning that the storm is not quite over. They are warning us that the hard economic times are not yet over. They are worried about the folks who are under the false assumption that the dark clouds have indeed passed and as such they can go back to their old spending ways.

Actually, the number of people who file for bankruptcy keeps on rising financial quarter after the next. Yes, people are still down there in the doldrums with their finances despite all of the efforts by the government to bail them out. read more

Is Facebook Adequately Protecting Your Privacy?

Facebook is used by more than a billion people worldwide to socialize and because of this; it is deemed as one of the most successful social media in the world. It involves making friends and knowing their whereabouts every now and then. The question that lingers in the minds of many is that, “Is Facebook Adequately Protecting Your Privacy?”

The answer to this can only be retrieved from the privacy and protection rights on Facebook. Facebook is designed in such a way that you as a user can choose to add or ignore a friend. In addition to that, there are settings on your profile that ensure that you limit a number of people from viewing your profile information. read more

NSA Leaks – How Worried Should We be About Our Privacy?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t care to watch the news, you probably know about the NSA leaks that have been coming out in the last couple of weeks. There has been many revelations made in newspapers and online about what the US government is doing, from listening to phone calls, gathering emails, fetching our private data from cloud providers like Microsoft, Apple and Google, and even spying operations against allied countries in the EU. Of course, for most of us, the question is rather simple. How worried should we be about our privacy? read more

Common Data Security Mistakes That Your Business May Make

Many owners think that because they run small and medium-sized businesses only, hackers and cyber criminals will not be interested in sabotaging them. However, this is totally wrong as cyber criminals are not only interested in big business. They also take on small and medium-sized businesses with no mercy. To cyber criminals every target, big or small, is a good target. Many of these ill-intentioned individuals would tend to choose small businesses over big ones because they can shatter down their data security more easily. read more

Internet Privacy Laws That Exist Today

With millions of people using the internet it is inevitable that privacy may be disturbed or scrutinized by other people regardless if you are an individual or an organization. Invasion of privacy has been fairly easy with the help of the internet which bred to the making and implementation of internet privacy laws.

These internet privacy laws were made to ensure that everyone’s privacy is still safely secured even when people are online. Certain bills and internet privacy laws like ECPA, CISPA, and CFAA are being debated and discussed which are all for the benefit of privacy online. read more

Data Privacy Laws Protect You and Your Data

Data privacy laws have been set up to protect personal data of individuals as well as organizations. This also involves protection while data is being processed via any means. In doing so, the movement of data will be kept confidential and away from unauthorized people.

• Data Privacy Laws and Organizations Organizations have data that is not allowed to be shared with the public. This includes the organization’s future strategic plans and development projects. Due to competition with other organizations, privacy of data is paramount to them. In that case, data privacy laws are set to aid in the protection of the data while it is being stored or transferred from one media to another. read more

Considering the Legal Aspects of Internet Data Security

Internet data security is most important not only for big search engine companies, but also for individuals like us. In line with the growth and progress of the internet, there are also internet related crimes that can put not only our files at risk, but also ourselves and our identity. It would be wise to always consider the legal aspects of internet data security so that we may be guided accordingly and so we may know how to defend ourselves in case we become victims of internet related crimes. read more

Ensuring Data Security Online

As many as there are people having access to the internet, numerous activities like businesses, social networking, researching, gaming, and the likes are being done online. It is in this light that people should ensure their own data security online especially when sending out sensitive or important information like social security numbers, bank account numbers, birthdays, and credit card information. Here are some ways on how you can ensure data security when surfing online.


At all cost, avoid sending out sensitive data through your email. read more

Internet Lawyers: Do You Need One?

More and more people are now depending on the internet for many different things. Some people use it for researching. Some use it for purchasing items and others use it for business purposes. Because of this, there are also a lot of different legal issues that may arise, which include, but are not limited to defamation, libel, cybersquatting, and online theft. In this light, legal actions should also be done so that proper justice may be served. Internet lawyers are our best bet in this kind of situations. read more

E Commerce

E-commerce (or electronic commerce) is the term used to denote a commercial (usually contractual) transaction that takes place between two or more people using the communications infrastructure known as the Internet. The first thing to note is that there is a range of e-commerce transactions, the following of which are examples: •  the purchase by an individual of a book from a commercial website such as that run by •  the ordering by Company A of office stationery from Company B’s website •  the exchange of e-mails between two persons whereby it is agreed that a certain service will be carried out by one party in exchange for a fee from the other. read more

A Good Choice of Internet Security for Kids

The internet has become quite useful today not only with adults, but also with young children. It can be used to research for their assignments as well as serve as another educational tool that can amplify their skills and talents. However, as sad as it can be, the internet can also be quite harmful to young minds especially if parents are not supervising their kids when using it. A good selection of internet security for kids can ease up any parents mind knowing that they will be able to control and manage what their children will be able to see on the internet such as what websites they can go to, social networks they can join in, and even what games they can play. Here are some aspects that a good internet security for kids should have. read more

The Basics of Internet Security

Many people would say that internet security is important, but not all people are really acquainted with what it is. Internet security is a system used to protect files, information on computers as well as the computer’s health itself. With the internet users growing in number day by day, every individual or business utilizing the internet is at risk from threats like malware, worms, viruses, and other scams online. It is because of this that internet security must be used and enhanced on every computer. read more

Strengthen Your Data Security through Passwords

There are people out there who get their data stolen or have their servers or website crashing because of hackers. The hacking can be as simple as slowing your system or stealing minor information up to totally wiping out all your files with the inclusion of identity fraud. A good way on actually increasing your chances of strengthening data security and avoiding these unfortunate instances is by managing your passwords better. Here are some tips on how you can avoid the entire ruckus and strengthen your data security through strong passwords. read more

Your Business Can Benefit From a Dose of Internet Security

When running a business, especially an online business, you have to take care of a lot of things aside from the brand and the product itself. Like how you would secure and guard a brick and mortar store, you should also secure your online business. This can be done by means of improving internet security. There are many benefits that your business can take advantage of with a good dose of internet security.

  • Decreased Occurrences of Cyber Thievery

All types of businesses online are at risk of experiencing cyber thievery. Without a trusted internet security on your servers or computers, it is like giving an open invitation as well as easy access to internet criminals. Big businesses online know about this, but small and medium-sized entrepreneurs mostly do not have any decent internet security. Business without proper security online allows hackers to steal sensitive information like tax data, client or member information, and social security numbers. When opening up a business, even if it is still a small one, it would be wise to set aside some time and budget for an excellent security online. read more

Avoiding Data Security Breach is Possible

In this digital age, we cannot blame some people who would love to store all their information or do several activities online, whether through their email or through their social networking accounts. This can also be said true to business owners who store sensitive customer information on their online servers. This information can range from simple names and contact information to more sensitive data like credit card number, passwords, bank account information, and many others. Unfortunately, there may be instances when data security is breached – it is possible. The good thing about this though, is that it can be avoided – it is very possible. read more

Why Do Divorce and Family Law lawyers Protect Client’s Data?

 The dissolution of a marriage whether it contested or not, is a matter that requires utmost confidentiality. The details of which are expected, even as per the guidelines of the law, to remain between you and your divorce and/or family law lawyers.

As a client, you are entitled to your security and confidentiality at all times. If you feel that the information that you divulged to your divorce attorneys has been disclosed in any way then you are supposed to open legal proceedings against them. In other words, you should sue them for breach of confidence which is a malpractice as well. divorce lawyer read more

Internet Security: What is It?

When it comes to the internet, we should not be so trusting and relaxed as we must face that not all people would have good and honest intentions when dealing with us or doing some activities online. In light with this, it would be more prudent to use an effective internet security system, but what is internet security?

Internet security is a system dealing with threats and risks related to or brought about by the internet. These threats and risks may include, but is not limited to self-installing or injecting viruses and malware that damage or crash your system as well as key-log your activities; hacking where there are users illegally accessing your system or computer, websites, emails, and the likes; and identity theft where hackers or information phishing individuals collect your information by pretending to be someone legitimate and then using your information for purchasing items and pretending to be you. These identity thieves may collect anywhere from your name, social security number, bank account information, and credit card numbers. These and many more are the very things that you can protect yourself from with a strong and strict internet security. read more

How Criminal Defense Lawyers Go About Protecting Your Data

Given the delicate nature that most, if not all, of the criminal cases are in, privacy and confidentiality are almost second nature to criminal defense lawyers. No one needs to be reminded of the importance of keeping all the information extracted from witnesses. Actually, it is even outlined by the law of the land.

In order to build a strong, formidable case for or against a criminal, it is prudent to practice silence. Failure to which, you make yourself and your Criminal Defense Law Firm vulnerable to a myriad of malpractice lawsuits that can set you back ages. Basically speaking, the wrong word out to someone could make or break the entire case you have built. That is how delicate and fragile the info really is in most of these cases. read more